Mayday! Mayday! We got some dope golf shoes outchea today. As it's often said ‘golf isn’t a sport, rather a way of life.’

As such, you gotta be willing to spend some cash for some golf top gear. Here's what we got;

  1. Under Armour Spieth 2 – this shoe has been enhanced to feature 100% waterproof GORE-TEX, besides an integrated lace system that allows for locked fit. It is extremely lightweight to allow for maximum responsiveness while you play. This shoe will cost you approximately $200.
  2. Adidas Tour360 Boost 2.0 – unveiled in late 2017, this shoe features an outsole top plate that runs along the side. This allows for the natural movement of your as you walk as well as when you take the swing. Initially, this shoe was available in white, black and blue, all of which are stripped. However, more color options are expected in the market later this year.
  3. FootJoy Tour S – this shoe was launched earlier in 2018, and has taken the golf shoe market by storm. It features a lightweight PowerPlate outsole and nine LaunchPods that ensures maximum stability for the golfer. A TPU Power Strap that can wrap around the foot’s back adds to the lateral support. Besides, they have been made to have a larger surface area. This shoe is designed in such a way that all day comfort is ascertained
  4. The Puma Ignite PWRadapt – this shoe features the signature IGNITE foam cushioning that is necessary for the wearer’s comfort. However, unlike in other designs, the foam in this shoe runs across the midsole’s length. The traction of this shoe is simply astounding. The frame is built in such a way that stability is taken care of without there being a compromise on the comfort.

Why pay top dollar for these? 

The waterproof warranty is one of the key features that drive up the price. The cheapest is water-resistant, meaning that they have no waterproof warranty. Most of these shoes feature a waterproof warranty, which can extend up to 2 years. Obviously how long they last is dependent on how well you take care of them.

Their make also dictates the price at which you buy them. There is a wide range of leather grades used to make golf shoes, and the better the grade, the more expensive it will be. Synthetic leather golf shoes cost way less than the ones made of fine calfskin. The latter offers more waterproof guarantee than synthetic leather has, and is more comfortable as it molds into your foot’s shape.   

Why you need some quality golf shoes

A perfect golf shoe, much as it may be expensive, should make your gaming experience outstanding through the following:

  1. Be flexible – in most cases, golf is played on irregular grounds, making it necessary to have a shoe that is flexible. Unlike shoes made for other games such as basketball or football, good golf shoes should be elastic.
  2. Stability and balance– there is a whole lot of foot action involved in playing this game. As a result, a good golf shoe should be designed in a way that prevents your foot from shifting to the right or left. This also explains why most of them are fitted with spikes, which keeps you from sliding on an uneven or wet golf course.
  3. Comfort – golf involves a lot of legwork. This being the case, it would only make sense for golf shoes to be fitted with inside soles that are padded for maximum comfort and also allow for the feet to breathe.

There you go fam. Get good golf shoes or die trying. :-) See you around